This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

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DebugMan Triathlon

DebugMan Triathlon: Cycling

Start the day than some exercise! Join us for daily morning recreation and give your body the energy to keep you going through a workshop-filled day. Our DebugMan Triathlon consists of swimming the first day, cycling the second, and running the third. The emphasis is on easy-goingfun, and recreational :)

Last year's finishers successfully swam 200m, cycled for 9 km, and ran 2 km - can you do it this year? :)

Date and time: August 31 - September 2 at 7:30


Finger Food & Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in the Kantinon tavern

Did you know that the wines originating from the region of Istria are renown and appreciated throughout the world? That wouldn't be possible without the man's hard work, but is also due to the region's natural features which guarantee high-quality grapes - the position, the soil, climate, and relief, each contributing to the charm of a good wine.

Get a taste of some of the most famous Istrian wines, served with the authentic local delicacies, at this complimentary wine tasting in the wonderful surroundings of the Kantinon Tavern, right by the sea.

Date and time: August 31, 20:00


Evening Tequila Hangout

Dinner at La Concha

There's no better way to end the day than with a casual hangout with some live music with your colleagues. Share your ideas with other participants while enjoying a shot (two, or more) of fine tequila or grab a bite to eat in the Mexican restaurant La Concha.

Drinks at special discount prices for all Web Summer Camp participants! 

Date and time: September 1, 21:00


Closing Night Raffle

Closing dinner with raffle

Spend a pleasant Friday evening in a vibrant and colorful atmosphere and a company of other Web Summer Camp participants and their companions.

More info coming soon!

Date and time: September 2, 20:00

Dinner is not complimentary.


Boat Trip

Boat trip swim

After 3 days of learning and improving your skills, a relaxing leisure day with a complimentary boat trip is definitely well deserved! The boarding will be at the Delfin boat Station, find the exact location on the map on our Venue page.

Lunch, along with some snacks and drinks, will be served on the boat.

More info on where we our taking you this year is coming soon!

Date and time: September 3, 9:00 - 16:00


Wellness & Spa

Hotel Lone submerged room

Take time to relax in the wellness & spa in Hotel Eden and Hotel LoneHotel Eden Wellness & Spa treats all Web Summer Camp participants and their companions with a 15% discount on the entrance fee and a free entrance for its guests while Wellness Spa Lone offers a free entrance and a 15% discount on all treatments for its guests.

Enjoy the indoor heated pools, jacuzzi whirlpools, saunas, fitness center and a submerged room, along with specialized massages and exclusive cosmetic treatments.